During my first year in college, there was a particular lecturer everyone had something negative to say about. “She’s not really serious with her classes”, she’s soo mean, a very proud individual.” “Hopefully you don’t run into any issues with her”.

I listened to all these views about the said lecturer, soaking them in. I thought it was for my own good “it was a good thing, “it’s going to help me have an idea of what to expect”.

Instead, it did the exact opposite. I had unknowingly built a perspective, a negative one, about this person and that affected how I saw the lectures and everything related to her

At the end of my academic year, my grades showed the effect.

I have learnt (still learning daily) that people would ALWAYS have an opinion about someone, some good and some not so good, it all depends on who you ask.

Our duty is not to avoid asking for people reviews,as this could be harmful in the long run. Instead to sieve through them, picking on what is good and knowing what to ‘throw-away’.

The term “Innocent unto proven guilty” although a legal principle, needs to be the perspective we have towards everyone, especially towards a person everyone seems to have an opinion about.

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