What are you focused on?

Welcome to December. I know this is coming late, forgive me. It’s been three weeks since my last post. I was finding it very difficult to scribbling my thoughts down. Writer’s block maybe? To distract my self, I began a self-taught journey on how to set up a website. I believe I had overused my free WordPress.com domain. *Now has […]

Broken Trust

Before arriving to my university, I with the help of my university, rented a private accommodation, a 4 bedroom flat which I was to share with 3 other students, from different East African countries. Despite the hesitancy from my parent, I was excited. I had never been to these countries so I felt staying with them would give a glimpse […]

What if I haven’t found my “thing” yet?

Yesterday I joined a very impactful webinar titled “current me vs Future me“. It basically was a webinar aimed at teaching a young adult the skills and knowledge needed to grow into where he/she wants to be. The webinar was worth my Saturday. One of the highlights was the importance of knowing your purpose and growing into it daily. This […]