About Me

Hola!! if this is your first time here, welcome. My name is Anwuli.

I’m a final-year law student whose love for learning the law carried her far from home to an island country off the coast of Africa. When I’m not poring through endless legal textbooks and Statutes, I run my startup Floy Writing Services, where I provide freelance writing services to clients.

I started Anwuliii in March 2019 as an online diary to share my thoughts on various topics and my daily experiences. However, It wasn’t until the unprecedented 2020 Covid Pandemic, that it blossomed into the website you see today.

Anwuli Writes is a lifestyle blog that aims to share the experiences of a young adult. From adjusting to college in a different country to starting a job/business and getting married, I intend to create a positive corner where similar situations faced by others youths are discussed.

I love connecting with people! Whether it’s to say just say hi, or give feedback, do drop me an email at hello@anwuliii.com

I’m so glad you found your way here. Stay a while, will you?